Life is a Process Not a Product

It was on an early morning walk that I encountered a pile of rotting mangos which had fallen from the tree. The pile of squished fruit was surrounded by a whole bunch of buzzing flies. As I walked through the cloud of flies and carefully watched my step, the aroma of the mangos caught my attention; but so did the flies! An alliterative phrase immediately popped into my head as I left the rotting mess behind me. It said, “When the fruit falls, the flies will feast.” As we all know, flies are not able to eat the mangos, or any fruit for that matter, that are still on the tree for they are not yet ripe enough and their skin impenetrable for the weak insects. However, when the time is right, the fruit falls and within a few more days, it begins to rot. Only then are the flies are able to feast.

Why you may ask, am I talking about rotting fruit and feasting flies? Well, because as I watched nature in action that morning, it dawned on me just how patient the flies need to be in order to get what they desire – delicious fruit. Think about it, they must patiently wait until the conditions are just right in order to get their fill. And, what do they do while they wait however long it may be for that fruit to fall and rot you may ask? I assume they go about their “fly life” and “fly business” until the moment is right!

It was during that walk, at that moment, where I had a revelation about how we as humans are so product oriented instead of process oriented. We want what we want and we want it NOW! Part of that comes from the way we currently live our lives where everything seems to come instantaneously. Whether it is our food, the news, or information, we have been conditioned to receive things at lightning speed these days. And if we don’t, we become irritated and complain.  The truth is that life is a process; certain things need to be ripe so to speak before they will manifest before our eyes.  I will admit that allowing life to unfold before me is something I have struggle with throughout the years. Perhaps this was so because I have always been a person that takes initiative and is action oriented. Or perhaps it was due to the feeling that I needed to control certain events in my life if they were going to happen at all.

What I have learned in life after many challenging experiences is that when I release that control over to God, everything turns out exactly as it needs to. Surrendering it all to the one who truly knows what we need is the path to take. Yes, we still take action towards our goals and desires, but we live in the trust that when the conditions are just right, that the pieces will all fall into place and we will see it all clearly.  As Gary Zukov, author of The Seat of the Soul says, “The unfolding of Life, the maturation process, the process of growing through and coming into your  own empowerment, is a process that needs to be approached with reverence.” We must learn to honor the process of our lives. It works in its own time and dances to the beat of its own drum. Let’s become comfortable with living our lives in its amazing step by step journey enjoying and savoring every experience that comes our way. If we try to rush any part of the process, we will miss out on the opportunities for personal growth. And let’s not forget that it is in the process that the caterpillar becomes the magnificent butterfly. It is my belief that the butterfly itself wouldn’t have it any other way.

May you cherish every step on your journey,



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