Hi, I’m Jeanette

I’m a certified Life Coach, corporate and educational speaker and podcast host, who is committed to helping women find the clarity in their life, cultivate their confidence, and live a life of intention, connection and inner peace.

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Cathy Mirabal

Cornerstone Education Solutions Miami, FL

“Jeanette is a beautiful human being with a gift for helping others. I am very grateful to have her as my coach. Hearing her speak when attending her workshops has always provided me with the inspiration I need to tackle whatever may be going on in my life at that moment. Her empathy, guidance and professional expertise helped me overcome the obstacles I was facing at one point in my life, and in turn, helped me achieve my life goals.”

Sara Hubbuch

Sara Hubbuch Art London, KY

“Jeanette's expertise and genuine, no-nonsense approach has guided me to build the confidence and clarity I needed to pursue art as my passion and business. She has helped me take major steps forward in my life as a single mom. With her Life Redesign Private Coaching Program, she compassionately showed me the steps to navigating life and finding clarity in all areas (even some I didn’t not know I needed). I have so much more joy and focus in my life since working with Jeanette”.

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Clarity 360 Private V.I.P Journey

Clarity 360 - 8-Week Program

Be W.E.L.L Well being Program

Are you ready to uncover what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck? Are you ready to start designing the life you envision for yourself? If so, there are several ways we can work together to accomplish that.



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